Unboxing: Adventures in Ketterdam Candle Box

Hello lovely readers! I come to you today with my January (yes, I know it’s March) unboxing of the Adventures in Ketterdam candle box by FlickTheWick. I am a very big fan of the Six of Crows duology and it’s one of the few series I can reread and still enjoy so when I saw she restocked this box, I immediately ordered it!


I really liked this box but I wouldn’t order again. FlickTheWick is based in the US and shipping and customs costs to deliver to the UK added up to almost double the cost of the box, which I didn’t think was worth it no matter how appealing the contents.

But I did order it so I might as well enjoy it! On to the contents:

IMG_0653 2.jpg

  • 4 candles (one 4oz, three 2oz) – I love the smell of all of these! I especially enjoy how the candles have the names of places, because associating a smell with a location makes the world feel much more real. The smells match the descriptions in the book so it feels like a lot of thought and love went into them! My favourite is probably the Crow Club, though I may be slightly swayed by the pretty crow art  which I can display on my desk.
    • The Crow Club (4oz) : salty ocean air, amber, vanilla
    • The Menagerie (2oz) : orchid, vanilla, musk
    • The Barrel (2oz) : coffee, brown sugar, cocoa, vanilla
    • Emerald Palace (2oz) : licorice, patchouli, bergamot, lavender
  • Jurda Parem” tea – I LOVE this concept! In the story, Jurda Parem is a type of herb that has very strong effects on the magic users in the Grishaverse. I love that it’s a story element brought to life and the smell is also lovely!
  • Crow pin – one can never have too many crows




  • Book sleeve by Bookbubbie – To be honest, I would have preferred a Six of Crows themed book sleeve rather than Shadow and Bone, since I haven’t read the latter series. But anyhow, it is good quality and it is a very pretty sleeve. It features Morozova’s stag, the ancient and magical white stag, the spoiler card says.




Overall, I really enjoyed this box! Have you picked up any Six of Crows merchandise? If so, what did you get?

Irina xx



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